Baby Magic: The Nosefrida

The American based company, Fridababy, provides unique products for both parents and babies. Their merchandise solicits approvals by doctors and nurses, doulas and midwives as well as other medical professionals. The tried and tested device on the chopping block today is the remarkable Nosefrida The Snotsucker. If you are a parent of a newborn orContinue reading “Baby Magic: The Nosefrida”

how I cope with being homesick

In January of 2008 I made the brave decision to abandon my Georgia surroundings for the Colorado ambiance. This was an adventurous resolution backed by the support of my family and I had all I needed to flourish. Young and audacious, I fell hard for the artistic hand of God; what a beautiful state. SixContinue reading “how I cope with being homesick”

5 traits i’ve learned from my dogs

They’re said to be man’s best friend, instinctual and amiable. They’re considered to be a member of the family with their own bed, place to eat and the safety of our home. We teach them to sit, fetch and shake but what do we learn from them? Dogs are incredible creatures with powerful characteristics. AsContinue reading “5 traits i’ve learned from my dogs”

10 Things I Know As A Southern Woman

Living out west has opened my eyes to the immense differences of being raised elsewhere. I’m a Georgia native and Colorado transplant. I’ve adapted well to my new environment while clinging onto the charm of The South. My southern cohorts will be surprised and a bit dismayed to hear that I make my own juice,Continue reading “10 Things I Know As A Southern Woman”