Traditional Apple Crumb Pie

It’s fall in Colorado; the trees are changing, the leaves are falling and light coats are needed. Kids are outside, boots have made an appearance and most importantly, ovens are baking. I dusted off my experienced Southern cookbook and whipped up a family favorite, Apple Crumb Pie. What I admire about The South is itsContinue reading “Traditional Apple Crumb Pie”

Chinese Dog Treats? No Thanks.

Matt & I have the joy of sharing our lives with two amazing, loving and jubilant animals that we call family. Bo is our 3-year-old, spunky, lab and Dexter is our overly sweet 2-year-old rescue. The two have contrasting personalities that compliment the other and they are a vital part of our everyday chaos. IfContinue reading “Chinese Dog Treats? No Thanks.”

Silent St. Elmo

First and foremost, my husband turned 30 this past week, quite the milestone. Other than approaching the need for a cane and hearing aide, he looks pretty damn good. I love celebrating him, I cherish his comical persona and adore his grandiose personality. I’ve celebrated six birthdays with him, but this one had to beContinue reading “Silent St. Elmo”

Homemade Made Easy

Matt and I have made significant changes in our household in regards to the food we consume. I’d bare false witness if I said Colorado wasn’t the main influencer. To live in a state that has consistently owned real estate on lists like, “Healthiest State” and “Most Active State”, has been an intimidating, exciting andContinue reading “Homemade Made Easy”

Bridesmaid Duties… A lot of baking!

It’s an honor to be requested as a bridesmaid, and it’s also a duty. You are someone’s best friend, someone’s sister or someone who has been a staple in the bride’s life. The selection process for a bride isn’t easy, so the fact that you were asked speaks to who you are as a person.Continue reading “Bridesmaid Duties… A lot of baking!”

50 Shades of Really Boring Stuff

E.L. James introduces us to an array of characters that make up this highly carnal and raw novel. Christian Grey, the protagonist, is portrayed to the readers as a forceful commander with his amenable lady friend, Anastasia Steele, praising his every move. Grey and Steele create quite the steamy romance, they sure know how toContinue reading “50 Shades of Really Boring Stuff”


My husband and I are starting a vacation tradition. We are utilizing our precious vacation weeks to see America. It’s hard to turn down trips like Mexico and The Bahamas, but there’s just so much to see here in The States. I don’t want to look past my own backyard. There are so many peopleContinue reading “Charleston”

Zucchini Cake Cupcakes with Honey Cinnamon Frosting

When you guys bake do you turn on music? Open the windows? Wear your favorite apron? My most beloved time to bake is on a Sunday afternoon. The ingredients create a charming aroma that occupies space throughout your entire home. Last Sunday I made these delightful cupcakes. My neighbor grows zucchini and if you’ve neverContinue reading “Zucchini Cake Cupcakes with Honey Cinnamon Frosting”