Author School Visit: Endeavor Charter School

Endeavor Charter School in Wake Forest welcomed me with open arms. I shared both of my books with K, 1st and 2nd graders.   The day started with Mrs. Mosca’s class. I met Mrs. Mosca at a craft fair! I had a table with my books and the crafts. I always have a school visitContinue reading “Author School Visit: Endeavor Charter School”

Library Visit and Reading: Durham County Library

What a fantastic morning I had reading to the families at the Durham County Library​!! The room was packed and the energy level was high. My son tagged along and it was, well, interesting. 🙂 First of all, my son was tasked with carrying my water into the building. Which, he spilled everywhere. I justContinue reading “Library Visit and Reading: Durham County Library”

Author School Visit: Oakview Elementary, Kindergarten

This morning I visited two Kindergarten classes at Oakview Elementary School in Holly Springs. This was a special visit as it was more intimate than my others. While I LOVE visiting whole schools, getting the chance to do one on one time with individual classes is amazing. This allows for more individualization in my visit.Continue reading “Author School Visit: Oakview Elementary, Kindergarten”

Author School Visit: Baileywick Road Elementary

I loved my author visit at Baileywick Road Elementary today. I was fortunate to visit with the K Kiddos and 1st graders. It was quite the treat as the kids have been reading my story in preparation for the visit, they knew exactly what to expect.   Now, with the K Kiddos I do talkContinue reading “Author School Visit: Baileywick Road Elementary”

Author School Visit: Jefferys Grove Elementary

The students at Jefferys Grove Elementary really impressed me today. They were such wonderful listeners who were eager to meet a real author! I loved this school for MANY reasons. The Media Consultant spent a great deal of time preparing the students for my visit. She spent a few weeks talking to them about beingContinue reading “Author School Visit: Jefferys Grove Elementary”

Book Fair Night With Abbotts Creek Elementary

Abbotts Creek Elementary School – Raleigh NC​ invited me to be a special guest at their book fair. First of all, what a beautiful school! It has been open for just 3 years and is filled with artwork, happy children and enthusiastic teachers. The book fair was from 6:00pm – 8:00pm and while the libraryContinue reading “Book Fair Night With Abbotts Creek Elementary”

Author School Visit: Hortons Creek Elementary

  This past Monday, I literally walked from my house to the elementary school across the street for an all day author school visit. Talk about convenience! I love this school. HCES is in its first year of existence, and it’s getting a lot right. For example, while setting up, I was visited by theContinue reading “Author School Visit: Hortons Creek Elementary”

Downtown Raleigh Fam Jam

If your kids love music and love dancing, they would have truly enjoyed this special event put on by Macaroni Kid of North Raleigh. If you’ve never heard of Macaroni Kid, it’s a pretty brilliant organization for families. Just sign up to receive their weekly newsletter an you will learn about unique events happenings aroundContinue reading “Downtown Raleigh Fam Jam”