Five Reasons to Expose Your Children to Philanthropy

We teach our children an abundance of skills, from playing well with others to respecting authority. But, are we showing them how to give back and what it means to put the needs of others above themselves? It’s a tricky topic to discuss. Having to explain to the young minds why a dog was abandoned,Continue reading “Five Reasons to Expose Your Children to Philanthropy”

Cary Living Magazine: Spring Fashion

I am pleased to announce that my latest project earned prime real estate on the cover of Cary Living Magazine. It was an honor to interview local boutiques and salons who helped me gain perspective on what to expect for fashion this Spring. If you live locally, snag a copy of the magazine, if you’reContinue reading “Cary Living Magazine: Spring Fashion”

Freelancers Mastering Time Management

As a Project Manager turned Freelance Copywriter, I know a thing or two about time management (and its difficulties). When I left my laboring job at a reputable ad agency to be a stay at home mom, freelance copywriter and yoga instructor; I thought, “Oh man, life is going to be so effortless.” I getContinue reading “Freelancers Mastering Time Management”

Steps to Overcome Writers Block

Writers block attacks the best of us and usually at the worst times, it seems to occur when you’re an hour out from deadline. Having been a part of the writing industry for seven years, I’ve had my fair share of writers block and consider it to be my greatest enemy. Through trial and error,Continue reading “Steps to Overcome Writers Block”

The Outlandish First Birthdays and Why They Matter

Here it is, the first birthday. It’s the day that’s over planned and under treasured by the guest of honor. I’m willing to admit that these outlandish shindigs are for the parents. The new toddler is speculative as to why people are singing to him, clapping at him and encouraging him to smear this gooey,Continue reading “The Outlandish First Birthdays and Why They Matter”

Ballerina Bar For Babies

Babies are bewitched with their intense motor skills. The ability to roll, sit and now stand vastly amuses them. If there’s a creation that allows them to practice these skills on their own, I’m going to devise it. The (what I call) mini ballerina bar has been the utopian addition to the playroom. It encouragesContinue reading “Ballerina Bar For Babies”