We <3 Boulder

Whether you bike there or hike there, Boulder is where you want to find yourself.  For the outdoor enthusiast, the beer aficionado or the cuisine fanatic; happiness and pleasure will catch your soul. Not only does Boulder glow with 360 days of sunshine but it also showers you with the gift of low humidity and all-season perfection. And let’s be serious, waking up with a view of The Rocky Mountains ain’t too shabby.

Lucky for you, Boulder has made it easy to enjoy this well praised weather. The natural liveliness will allow you to experience the mountainside with your family, friends or favorite canines. The Colorado summers offer hikers & bikers alluring trails that wind through trees and hillsides where you’ll spot sensational wildlife & native forest. The level of difficulty ranges from easy to hard; giving everyone a chance to combat the wilderness.

Some of the favorites include tenderfoot Loop Trail a 2.5-mile treck, the 3.1-mile Mount Sanitas Loop and a 2-mile trail called Bitterbrush. Soak in the sun, taste the fresh air and tighten your laces; the journey is yours. Afterwards, reward yourself with award-winning dishes and brews.

Often frequented by the famous foodies, Boulder restaurants live in a gracious light. Adam Richman took down a larger than large pizza at Beau Jo’s, Michael Chiarello enjoyed the Fried Pineapple Wrapped Speck at Frasca and Guy Fieri featured The Sink on the famous Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives spectacle.  The all too popular Pearl Street in Downtown Boulder is home to many more tummy pleasing eateries, the selections are endless and the varieties keep even the pickiest indulged.

Complimenting the grub delicacies are the breweries. Colorado is showered with these thirst-quenching rest stops, offering folks a casual home away from home.  Scattered around town are homegrown Ales, Browns, Porters and Stouts. Locations are filled with locals, one-guitar-man bands and game rooms. These are perfect for outdoor athletes; looking for a place to rehydrate after those Sunday morning rides. Avery, Boulder Beer, Mountain Sun, Twisted Pine and Walnut Brewery all welcome you with open arms. And if you want to see them all in one day, Call Banjo Billy’s Bus Tours, they’ll charter you on an educational drinking tour of the breweries.

When residents aren’t chasing the sun and “shredding the gnarr” (A Boulder term pegged for snowboarding), they’re keeping their pockets full with convivial jobs. Google keeps up with the mountainess town by housing an indoor rock-climbing wall for its employee’s leisure. Not in the mood to rock-climb? Relax and shoot pool, there are tables throughout the office. Crispin Porter and Bogusky, a large Ad Agency with an office in Boulder knows how to keep the youth alive.  Fit with CPB bus transportation, a stocked kitchen, coffee vendor, beer fridges, fire poles and dog-friendly environment; it keeps the workers happy and grinning.

The work environment fit with the outdoor activities, breweries and restaurants make for joyous living. Boulder natives are among the most laid-back and easy-going folks you’ll meet. The real treasure is the relationships you’ll build. Get out there, fancy the mountains and be gratified.

Published by Jacqueline Leigh Boeheim

Jacqueline Leigh is a children's author based in Georgia. She spent many years working alongside advertising executives, producing inspirational and ground break print, web and television ads. Jacqueline later put her focus on journalism, doing what she loves, writing stories for the general public. She has been published in multiple print and digital publications. She’s interviewed big-name bands and small-town businesses, both contributing to her understanding and joy of writing. Jacqueline has now taken her experiences and focused on becoming a children’s author, a lifetime dream.

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