Chinese Dog Treats? No Thanks.

Labrador Retreiver Mix
Dexter, 2-year-old Rescue

Matt & I have the joy of sharing our lives with two
amazing, loving and jubilant animals that we call family. Bo is our 3-year-old, spunky, lab and Dexter is our overly sweet 2-year-old rescue. The two have contrasting personalities that compliment the other and they are a vital part of our everyday chaos.

If you are a dog owner, you know that these creatures enlighten our souls and educate our minds. My Bloodhound, Rosie, taught me how to be vocal. My Weiner dog, Peter, taught me that being small is just a size. My Golden, Sandy, taught me how to relax. My   labs, Lucy & Ethel, taught me about sisterhood. I raised puppies and I laid my older dogs to rest. I’ve laughed and cried, but overall, I’m appreciative and grateful.

Bo, 3-year-old Lab

It was brought to my attention that dog treats I purchase for my furry friends may be harming them. What? I worry about cars, kennel cough and old age… not treats. However, treats produced in China have been linked to over 900 deaths and illnesses in pets in the US. While the FDA issued a cautionary warning for these treats, they never removed them from the shelves, resulting in the many family losses. Consumers are outraged and frightened, worried for their pets health.

In reaction to these events, their’s a company standing up for our canines. Bixbi, a Colorado based agency is taking action. Speaking to families who have been effected by these treats, taking their stories and turning them into a campaign that will raise awareness and money to protect our dogs.

The truth is, these products made in China are executed with little care. These folks are meeting a high demand, thus releasing mediocre products. Bixbi has created a USA sourced, 100% organic, premium dog food & treats. They invite you to take action by sharing your stories with the FDA and signing a petition to ban these products. Checkout their web site, take advantage of their products and show your support because if you don’t, who will?

Bixbi Pets & Made MovementBelow is an emotional video in regards to the families and pets effected by these treats. I ask you to please share stories of your dogs with this post. Tell us the happy and funny things they do, share with us their spunky nature and silly personalities. Let’s show joy in the blissful moments of life while raising awareness to protect these animals.

Company Website: Bixbi Pets

Published by Jacqueline Leigh Boeheim

Jacqueline Leigh is a children's author based in Georgia. She spent many years working alongside advertising executives, producing inspirational and ground break print, web and television ads. Jacqueline later put her focus on journalism, doing what she loves, writing stories for the general public. She has been published in multiple print and digital publications. She’s interviewed big-name bands and small-town businesses, both contributing to her understanding and joy of writing. Jacqueline has now taken her experiences and focused on becoming a children’s author, a lifetime dream.

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