Author School Visit: Hickory Flat Elementary School

My book tour in Georgia took me to many wonderful places and spaces, including a sweet little town called McDonough, Georgia. I have never experienced the charm of this town and felt so blessed to enjoy its beauty for a short time. Hickory Flat Elementary School welcomed me with open arms, literally, such a lovingContinue reading “Author School Visit: Hickory Flat Elementary School”

Author School Visit: Matt Elementary

Today was one of my favorite days as a children’s author. I visited my hometown. I spent time at the place that helped me grow into the professional I am today. Matt Elementary School invited me to do an author visit for their nine Kindergarten classes. And what a lively group of kids they were.Continue reading “Author School Visit: Matt Elementary”

Author Bookstore Visit: Read With Me Children’s Bookshop

  Read With Me, A Children’s Bookshop in Raleigh is a young bookstore with (already) great success. The doors have been open for six months and the staff is here to celebrate children’s literacy and education. Upon arrival, you are immediately spellbound by the decor, books and crafts surrounding you. I was invited to beContinue reading “Author Bookstore Visit: Read With Me Children’s Bookshop”

Author Setup: Raleigh Makers Market

The Raleigh Makers Market is a monthly handmade market that celebrates the local makers, creators and musicians in our area. I was beyond thrilled when they invited me to be a part of their October market. The market is held in the Raleigh Beer Garden event field and it couldn’t be a more perfect space.Continue reading “Author Setup: Raleigh Makers Market”

Read & Create At Bull City Craft

Have you ever imagined a place where mess is allowed, creativity is celebrating and kids are just down right happy? I have some news for you, that place does exist. Nestled in Durham, NC is Bull City Craft, a crafting and painting studio for kids, teenagers and adults. This space is really here to fulfillContinue reading “Read & Create At Bull City Craft”

Author School Visit: Laurel Park Elementary

Becoming an author does not end with the publishing of your book, in fact, that’s when the fun really begins. That’s when the author becomes a public figure, a personality for the book and a face for children’s literature. I was thrilled to spend 7 hours straight with the students and faculty at Laurel ParkContinue reading “Author School Visit: Laurel Park Elementary”

Storytime at The Honeysuckle Teahouse

Today, I had the great pleasure of reading my book to the folks of Chapel Hill. The kids and I loaded up the car and made the trip to The Honeysuckle Teahouse for a beautiful Fall morning reading. Isn’t it so wonderful that I have the type of job where my kids can tag along?Continue reading “Storytime at The Honeysuckle Teahouse”

The 20 Minute Creative Journal

How do we remain creative in a world full of Pinterest boards and beautiful Instagram accounts? It’s true, whether you’re a writer, illustrator or doctor, you have the ache for creativity. We all do. Even my Air Traffic Controller husband gets excited when he sees a fresh new box of crayons. I hear to getContinue reading “The 20 Minute Creative Journal”

Five Reasons to Expose Your Children to Philanthropy

We teach our children an abundance of skills, from playing well with others to respecting authority. But, are we showing them how to give back and what it means to put the needs of others above themselves? It’s a tricky topic to discuss. Having to explain to the young minds why a dog was abandoned,Continue reading “Five Reasons to Expose Your Children to Philanthropy”