The Spill

The Spill is a silly tale geared towards preschool and school-aged children. The story follows a steadfast young girl and her journey for the perfect cup of milk.

One morning, Faye wakes with an unpleasant feeling of thirst. She is filled with determination for a full cup of milk, one that will surely send the dryness out of her mouth. The trouble really begins as she races to her favorite sipping spot. Can she hold tight to her beloved cup of milk as she comes across many obstacles?

Title: The Spill
Author: Jacqueline Leigh
Illustrator: Erika Wilson
Publisher: Mascot Books
Date Of Publication: June 5th, 2018
Retail Price: $14.95
Library of Congress Control Number: 2018901336
ISBN: 978-1-68401-633-4
Page Count: 32 Pages
Product Dimensions: Hardcover, Portrait, 8.5″x 11″
Book Availability: American Wholesale Book Company, Baker & Taylor, Follett Library Resources, and Ingram

Worksheets For Teachers & Parents:

Draw Your Favorite Sipping Spot

Draw Or Write About A Silly Accident You’ve Had

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