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Mother of Two Proves That Parents Can Achieve Their Dreams
North Carolina Author Releases Debut Picture Book

In her debut children’s book, Time For Bed With Ford And Red, Jacqueline Leigh proves that parents can produce meaningful work outside of the home. Her picture book was written with a baby on her hip, a toddler running wild and a spouse with shift work hours. Jacqueline proves that with a little determination, parents can and must follow their dreams.

Jacqueline understands the demands of parenting and the weight it can place on moms and dads. The idea of having a creative outlet for personal or professional reasons is essential for parents. “It’s vital for me, as a mother, to be happy and healthy,” Jacqueline explains. “My children benefit greatly from my stability, and I gain that from writing.”

In her first-hand experience with publishing Time For Bed With Ford And Red, Jacqueline understands how to carve out personal time, pursue her passions and make it all happen. Her goal is to encourage all parents to follow the path that leads to ultimate happiness, hers happened to be the publishing of her first picture book.

Fords most thrilling journeys begin after his mom tucks him in for the night. He holds tight to his stuffed bunny Red as the two encounter thrilling experiences with each dream. Red is brimming with a lively personality, while Ford is a relatable character for young readers.

Time For Bed With Ford And Red takes the reader on multiple dreams filled with cowboys, a safari stroll and flying with capes. Children will look forward to their own dreams as they rest each night. 

Well-written and charming, Time For Bed With Ford And Red, will inspire and energize your creative spark.

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