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Children’s Book Promotes Healthy & Happy Sleep Among Toddlers
North Carolina Author Releases Debut Picture Book

In her debut children’s book, Time For Bed With Ford And Red, Jacqueline Leigh aims to combat bedtime fears among toddlers. The adventurous tale follows a young boy and his stuffed bunny through the exciting world of dreams. Jacqueline reveals that with a little imagination, blissful sleep is within reach.

Through raising her own children, Jacqueline sees the need first-hand to disband anxiety associated with bedtime. The idea of darkness and nighttime often fills toddlers with a sense of nervousness, a feeling that all parents would expel, if they could. “I want my children to live a joyful life,” Jacqueline explains. “Especially at night when they’re learning how to appreciate alone time.”

Caregivers can use Time For Bed With Ford And Red as a tool for improving restful sleep in their children. It also serves an adventure guide to inspire the use of imagination within toddlers. The goal is to replace worry-some thoughts at bedtime by promoting lively dreams.

Fords most thrilling journeys begin after his mom tucks him in for the night. He holds tight to his stuffed bunny Red as the two encounter thrilling experiences with each dream. Red is brimming with a lively personality, while Ford is a relatable character for young readers.

Time For Bed With Ford And Red takes the reader on multiple dreams filled with cowboys, a safari stroll and flying with capes. Children will look forward to their own dreams as they rest each night. 

Sprightly and amusing, Time For Bed With Ford And Red, will quickly become a bedtime favorite.

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